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FINA Construction Group Inc. is a Los Angeles based company that was formed in 2005. We have been servicing clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area from Malibu to Pasadena for +17 years. Our construction services implement rigorous industry standards to ensure the integrity of your structure. Simple. Mindful. Professional.


New Construction

FINA Construction Group has a successful track record in developing high-end residential homes for private clients and investors for the past 14+ years. We are involved in every step of the development process i.e. design recommendations, budgeting, city planning, expediting, strategizing, managing, troubleshooting, delivering a ground-up project from the beginning to end. It takes an experienced contractor to create or participate in a building/planning team to ensure communication between all parties i.e. owner, architect and engineers in order to ensure a realistic working plan that facilitates and address all building needs. Bring your project in on time and on budget with us.


FINA Construction Group has a successful track record in high-end residential remodels for private clients and investors for over 14 years.  In order to plan and execute a successful remodel takes a lot of experience and a great disposition.  A good contractor must be able to help the owner and/or designer/architect understand the potential and limitations in the remodel vision.  Communication, realistic budgets and a thorough knowledge of the step-by-step construction process from frame to finish are all needed to get the job done right.  Remodels need a lot of care and attention.  We have the experience and right attitude to help achieve your building goal.


FINA Construction Group has the capacity to sub-contract as an electrical contractor. FINA has successfully delivered jobs on budget and on time for the past 14+ years. FINA has experience in public works, high-end residential and commercial. We provided the following services: engineering, designing, groundwork, rough-in and finish.

Landscape Lighting and Design

FINA Construction Group has been implementing electrical infrastructure and installing exterior landscape lighting for the past 14+ years. We’ve been so successful at catering to our clients we started another branch. 

Seismic Retrofit

FINA specializes in seismic retrofit foundation restoration. We have been securing structures throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area from Malibu to Pasadena for +14 yrs.

Retaining Walls and Caisson

FINA Construction Group has the experience and licensing capacity to construct retaining walls and caissons. This is a highly specialized field and takes an experienced contractor who can deliver on such a critical part of any project. It’s very important to budget realistically and communicating the possible complexities that may occur. FINA Construction has the experience and know how to deliver the project on time and on budget.

FINA Construction has a network of preferred industry leaders that we’ve actually worked with. We can help in recommending professionals based on your needs and your budget:

  • Landscape Architects
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Interior Designers
  • Custom Cabinet Makers
  • Material Vendors

The future for FINA Construction Group is in sustainable building practice and development. FINA has experience in the green building code and has recently completed a high-end LEED project.

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