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FINA Construction Group Inc. is a Los Angeles based company that was formed in 2005. We have been servicing clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area from Malibu to Pasadena for +17 years. Our construction services implement rigorous industry standards to ensure the integrity of your structure. Simple. Mindful. Professional.

About Fina Construction Group Inc.

FINA Construction Group Inc. is a Los Angeles based company that was formed in 2005. FINA Construction Group’s CEO/President, Noah Gaeta, comes from a family of Los Angeles based builder/developers since 1965. FINA continues the family tradition in offering an array of professional construction services.

FINA Group’s licensing capacity places the company in a unique position. We are able to proactively troubleshoot various trade issues that arise on virtually any type of project with timeliness and cost effectiveness. FINA Group is backed by hundreds of skilled trade workers in various specialized fields.

FINA Group understands that every project has a specific approach so we are flexible in structuring your contract to meet your building needs.

FINA Construction Group has been servicing and developing projects for the same clients over the past 17 years and continues to develop new relationships.

We offer the following services: 

Professional Construction Services

  • General Contracting
  • General Engineering
  • Management/Consulting

Professional Design Services

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Lighting & Design

Specialty Trades

  • Grading/Excavation
  • Retaining Walls/ Foundations
  • Hardscapes
  • Framing

Our scope of work is catered to our experience in the field. We service the following types of projects:


Retail Outlet & Office Tenant Improvement


New & Renovation


New & Renovation


New & Renovation

Public Works


FINA Construction Group Inc. has a basic philosophy that has made us successful throughout the years; we pride ourselves in communication, organization, integrity, timeliness & budget consciousness. Let our building experts take on your project and make your building goals a reality.

Noah Gaeta, Principal

As a native of Los Angeles, Noah Gaeta has been working in the greater Los Angeles area for 20+ years.

As CEO of FINA Construction Group Inc. since 2005, Mr. Gaeta oversees new and existing developments and transition projects for commercial and residential properties. Establishing long-standing relationships with architects, interior designers, and business consultants throughout California have allowed FINA to stay dedicated not only to the sustainable movement but also to the architectural and design integrity of historic and modern neighborhoods alike.

As a Managing Partner of FINA Lighting Group Inc., Mr. Gaeta continues to implement his expertise in electrical infrastructure and installation of high-end commercial and residential exterior and interior lighting. Since 2008, FINA has installed electrical infrastructure on many estates and hotels for various clients such as John Watson Landscape Illumination, Bel Air Hotel & Four Seasons Hotels International. Noah has also worked with lighting specialists for studios & commercial gallery spaces in Tokyo, New York, Miami, Mexico, London & Los Angeles.

As a patron of the arts, Mr. Gaeta started as a founding editor of LIT magazine and writer for several other urban culture and arts publications. Due to his passion for the arts, he quickly grew into a curator, director and studio manager for various artists, art based projects and shows. Mr. Gaeta has also performed contract negotiations for several artists, most notably, the artist Marquis “Retna”, Lewis for over 7 years. Esteban Oriol, Mr. Cartoon, AIKO, Krink, Kenneth Cappello, Curtis Kurlig, Jersey Joe, El Mac, How & Nosm, & The Seventh Letter Crew are some of the artists/artist groups Mr. Gaeta has worked with.

Taking pride in a philosophy revolving around superior customer service, honesty and unwavering support has established Noah Gaeta as a respected professional leader.

A – License – General Engineering

California Licensed General Engineering Contractor, bonded and insured; specializing in grading and excavating, demolition, slope repairs, underground utilities, road ways and equipment rental. We are available to meet all of your grading needs.

C-10 License – Electrical

California Licensed Electrical Contractor, bonded and insured:
Specializing in installs, erects or connects any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, conduits, solar photovoltaic cells or any part thereof, which generate, transmit, transform or utilize electrical energy in any form or for any purpose. Experience includes but not limited to public works, commercial and residential ground up infrastructure, retrofit & remodel.

B License – General Building

California Licensed General Building Contractor, bonded and insured;
Specializing in ground up residential developments, residential remodels, tenant improvements and multi-family commercial.

C-15 License – Flooring

California Licensed Flooring Contractor, bonded and insured:
Specializing in flooring and floor covering. Experience includes but not limited to commercial, residential and multi-family complex.

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